I provide unique Jaipur escort service


My name is Oindrila and yes, I am a chubby Bengali who is here to spread the love which I have between my legs. I provide unique Jaipur escort service and I love to design my own fantasies. Have you ever done a strung sex where one person is hanged with support of some ropes and than the other person fucks while standing? Well, I have many more ideas like that in my mind and I am looking for someone who is likewise and love to experiment with sex. Regular sex on the bed is just boring and I like to improvise things a bit.

Chubby girls have more sexual desires as compare to slim girls probably that's the reason that I am horny most of the time and if you are the one who has same passion for sex like me, than you can call me to book your appointment, and you can also come up with your own set of ideas as to how will you like to fuck me. I am always open to do some kinky experiments during sex, so tell me if you have something in your mind we will surely give it a try but it should be safe because I don't entertain unsafe or unhealthy sexual practices.

I love what I do and the same is felt by clients because I am not a boring girl who simply sleep under her customers spreading her legs and have no interest in what she is doing. When I feel like not doing it then I simply refuse my clients that I am not in mood because I understand the value of hard earned money and I try to give my 100% to my clients. My rates starts from Rs 3000 for an hour and goes upto Rs 12000 for a full night.