Jaipur escorts providing body to body massage


Going to an escort and having a normal sex is boring, why don't you try Jaipur escorts providing full body to body massage before sex. It will assure you sexually and will give you full enjoyment during sex. Also the girl will be fully horny because when a women touch man's body and rub her body on man's body it recharge them erotically. And as you know that an erotic women gives way more pleasure then a normal women.

So if you want to enjoy something different then a normal sex with we welcome you to our massage services, we provide a full nude body to body massage with sex at the end Just for Rs. 4000 for 1 hour. If you want to enjoy a sandwich massage (you'll be between two nude girls and they will massage your body by rubbing their body in against of yours.) then it will cost you only 6500.

Sandwich massage is one of my most popular package, because you get full value for your money in this package as you get two hot girls and you can have sex with both of them at the same time. It's like a threesome with body massage. So if you are interested please call us now and we'll let you know the process of booking. Kindly note that we don't take any upfront payments. You will have to pay only after you see the girls and you finalize a deal.