Try Jaipur escort for one hour before booking for full night


Today there are many shady working girls out there, they will promise you of providing many services and when you book them for full night, you end up finding that the girl is very calm and not sexually appealing. At that time the person who paid for a hot sexy girl feel like being ripped-off. That's why we have come up with this wonderful idea, here with Jaipur escort you can try a girl for 1 hour before booking her for full night, you have to pay INR 3500 for that hour and if you like her you can pay INR 9000 more and take her away with you for full night.

This idea is getting very popular among our clients and they all thank us for this because now they don't feel like being cheated by girls because they know exactly what they are going to get. This way you can also get to know the girl more and she will be able to enjoy with a free mind. Within that one hour if you feel like she is not what you are looking for then you will end up saving Rs. 9000 of your hard earned money, which I think is not a small deal. We have many luxury apartments in all over the city so if you can't take the girl at your place, you can stay at our place for free. Kindly note that free room facility is only for full night booking. For more information please speak to us directly at above given number.