VIP escorts in Jaipur for celebrities


Jaipur is a well-known city for the natural and scenic beauty, the producers and directors from Mumbai stay for few days to look for the chances of shooting the films or serials. Apart from them, the businessmen visit the city for conference and meetings, a lot of VIPs come here for their important works. Now, it’s the city’s turn to give them something in return. To appreciate them for coming over here, independent call girls in Jaipur are welcome the customers at their home or the customer’s site. VIP escorts in Jaipur for celebrities are educated enough that they know how to tackle such big customers. Their charges are Rs 3500 for 1 sex trip; Rs 5500 for 2 sex trips and for an overnight stay, they charge Rs 12000. Make the environment lusty after your day is over and live an adventurous life, the charges are not so high.