VIP escorts in Jaipur introduced some celebrities


While watching television, we are interested in watching the celebrities whom we like. Today, so many serials on different channels are broadcasting which has various celebrities whom we dream for. To fill this wish, we have collaborated with some of the celebrities with us, we do not open their names but yes, we assure you to provide best in class escort services in Jaipur to you that you will live your dream in reality. VIP escorts in Jaipur introduced some celebrities now and they are planning to raise the fees. Currently, the charge is Rs 3500 for inserting the penis into the vagina for once, motions are not counted here; Rs 6500 for 2 sex shots and if you want to spend a night with the celebrity girl, Rs 12000 is the price. You may need to maintain the decorum of the room, there should be some flowers, fragrance of scent and a proper hygiene should be maintained.